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The Randa Series is now available in a new compact format. Its mitred finish provides a clean and contemporary design which, when combined with its premium quality materials, make it a benchmark series in quality and design. This new style features our characteristic modular flexibility, along with the possibility to integrate a wide range of basins, tops and other pieces.


Materials that expose the raw and flawed beauty of natural wood. This series is inspired in the soundness of the industrial style, reinterpreting its design and turning it into functional furniture.


With its wide range of possible materials, the Ockham series opens the doors to almost infinite combination options. Let your imagination run free choosing among a variety of materials and countless compositions. Five wood types, thirty-two lacquer colours, four acrylic resin colours, three acrylic marble finishes and HPL in three natural wood types.


The Colors series gives you compositional freedom, making it as easy as possible to design different compositions, allowing you to resize both vanities and basins. Overtop basins, countertop and wall-mounted vanities can all be combined.


The Easy series allows the furniture to be tailored to each specific space. Cabinets come in different heights and both cabinets and its modules can be created with special widths. Custom manufacture is included.


The SHAKER series, made of three-layered solid larch, creating a fresh and Mediterranean style.


The Talaia collection is distinguished by his simplicity, his uncomplicated design, his highly functional opening and his configuration possibilities makint it a basic of Mapini.


The side opening of the Mola furniture gives this Collecion a certain mystery. Aesthetic and mechanical simplicity for furniture designed for people who love design without functional complications.